Emprise is the leading provider of RV windows in Australia. Our exceptional customer service and service house an extensive range of excellent products that we can offer to everyone.
At Emprise, we offer matching campervan models, including those of the French car manufacturer Peugeot. If you are looking for windows for your Peugeots Expert Van, you have come to the right place.
The Expert SWB offers a payload of 1,300 kg (5.8 m3) and a loading volume of 2,512 x 367.4 mm (loading length). It can be fitted with a 50 / 50 swing door in the rear and with heated rear windows and windscreen wipers.
We offer fixed windows for the Peugeot Expert SWB van. Fixed Bond windows feature bonded type fitment which is best suited for stable additions to your vehicle.
Peugeot Expert SWB vans are available with bonded fixed windows on all models manufactured since 2018. Grey tinted windows are available for front and rear (left LH and right RH-Van).